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Einstein Head in the Clouds by R.S. Weinstein

Einstein Head in Clouds
Photo Montage 
by R.S. Weinstein


Providing Training, Consulting and Positive Solutions for
Professionals, Families and Individuals
Attentional, Behavioural and Learning problems

Accurate, Practical & Useful information from Caring, Experienced & Knowledgeable Professionals 
with a Unique Point of View !

Specialists in:

ADD/ADHD, ASD, Learning Difficulties & Challenging Behaviours

  • Training Workshops & Seminars

  • Consulting / Educational & Behavioural Support / Inclusion Specialists


The Healthy Futures Group
      is looking for people right now who want

Financial Security
Freedom from Debt
and Peace of Mind !

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"Much of the time, many of us feel restless, discontent, or needlessly upset. These feelings, and how we deal with them, affect us as parents, lovers, friends and teachers. While we all search for inner peace, we find ourselves in situations throughout our lives where these feelings repeatedly challenge us and ask us to reconsider our basic beliefs and way of living."

"If we have the humility to accept that life is uncertain and the willingness to live with the feelings of conflict, then we are on a path towards inner peace and resolving our problems. This is our inner work or what might be called the "soul searching" that we must all do in order to know ourselves."

"It's ok to not accept everything we've been taught or expect ourselves to be. We already have everything that we need to grow, we just need the courage to change how we've been living. Remember, life is challenging and we are constantly tested. The final exam is just that - final!" 

R.S. Weinstein



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